Complete Ent Examination

This includes examination of the ear, nose, nasal part of the throat, oral cavity and oral part of the throat, lower part of the throat and larynx.

If you have pain in the ear of which the cause cannot be detected by examination of the ear itself, a complete ENT examination has to be done.

It should be underlined that pain in the ear can be the result  of changes in nearby structures like Sy Costen or Sy Eagle, but also of alterations in the throat or larynx (so-called reflex pain).

For this reason it is absolutely necessary that in case there are no changes in the ear itself that could explain the pain in the ear, a complete ENT examination is performed, to avoid overlooking of some serious conditions.

A complete ENT examination is also done in case of problems in nose, throat or larynx.

Often examination with the flexible fiber-endoscope is included, which makes detailed, enlarged visualization of all parts of the ENT region, which are not accessible during „ordinary“ ENT examination, possible.