Flexible Fiber-Endoscopy

This examination includes an examination of the ENT region and tracheo-bronchial tree with a very thin probe with fiberoptic fibres, which enables the physician to see those parts that cannot be seen during standard examination, especially in patients who have a distinct gag reflex.

This examination is done through the nose and is absolutely painless and comfortable, for both patient and physician.

It is the method of choice for examination of the nasal tonsil or larynx in children.

In this way you can document the findings in the outer ear or the condition of the tympanic membrane.

For instance, in the nose it makes the nasal canals visible into which the sinuses open, or enables detection of pus or blood secretion from the sinuses, which cannot be seen during standard examination.

In this way detailed examination of the posterior parts of the nose, nasal part of the pharynx, openings of the Eustachian tubes, upper surface of the soft palate, larynx and lower part of the throat is possible, as well as „screening“ tracheobronchoscopy resp.examination of trachea and bronchi.

CHILDREN: for children this examination is also done through the nose, is painless and lasts only a few minutes, but requires preceding explanation of the procedure to the parents. During the examination the child has to be properly held in order to avoid damaging of the endoscope, which is very thin and extremely sensitive to damage.