Reflux Disease In Children

Our clinic is the first institution in Serbia dealing with this problem.

Reflux disease is a result of regurgitation of stomach contents into the esophagus, oral cavity, nose, middle ear, throat, trachea or bronchi. An other mechanism acts via the lower part of the esophagus through certain nerve mechanisms, without direct influence of the stomach  contents on the ENT and pulmonal region.

Although we usually speak of stomach acid, gall and pancreas enzymes also have a very negative influence.

As the mucosa is exposed to the aggressive action of these contents, susceptibility may occur to infections, allergies, tonsil enlargement, bad breath, cough, “hacking” cough, throat clearing, throat ache, sense of a “lump” in the throat etc.

As this disease is often unadequately diagnosed, in many cases children are treated with antibiotics or treated as having allergy, and if this treatment remains without result, not rarely the practitioner tries to persuade the parents that the child is making it up, while on the other hand the parents exaggerate, trying to help their child.