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The MKM practice is an institution which, thanks to its professional skill and devices it possesses, has the possibility to perform:

  • majority of ENT diagnostic and non-operational procedures
  • many aesthetic non-surgical and surgical interventions, which makes our practice a first rank clinical institution

Beside this, we are the only clinic in Serbia and region that is engaged in examining and treating the influence of gastric contents on diseases of the ENT region and the lungs.

We perform classic, but also highly sophisticated examinations, with a very thin, flexible fibre endoscope, in a painless, comfortable way which enables insight in to the hidden parts of the ENT region, but also “screening” of the trachea and bronchiunder local anaesthesia, after which the patient receives the total finding in digital or paper form. This enables the patient to have permanent proof of his findings and also to see it “with his own eyes”.

In the same way we examine the third tonsil in children, which is very important when taking a decision about further treatment. Furthermore, we perform 24h pharyngo-esophageal pH-metry, hearing tests (audiometry), tympanometry, reflexometry, equilibrium testing, allergologic testing, cleaning of the ear under the microscope in ear drum swith perforation or after operations, aspiration of the nose and sinuses content, standard or so-called Proetz procedure, quick blood tests, injection therapy, inhalations, laboratory tesating, a.o.

All mentioned examinations can also be performed on children.

We have more then 10 years of experience in the treatment of children with ear infection (inflammation), impaired nose breathing, coughing etc.

We perform almost all non-surgical (botox, fillers, chemicalpeels, mesothreads, mesotherapy, lipolysis, growth factors, microdermoabrasion, excessive sweating treatment) and small surgical aesthetic procedures.


ENT is also a surgical specialization, and in its educational program it has head and face surgery. Every ENT specialist has to know the anatomy of the face and neck, as he performs surgical interventions in this region, like for instance lop ear, eyelid, nose operations etc. All aesthetic surgical interventions in this region are performed by ENT surgeons and not only by plastic surgeons.

In the frame of our education in the field of ENT, on world congresses we have training in eyelid operations, face lifting, mini face lifting, use of Botox® for aesthetic as well as functional problems like hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm, face correction in cases of facial nerve paralysis etc.

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