Overproduction And Dripping Of Mucus

Intensified forming and flowing of slime (mucus) is often related to reflux disease, and is often wrongly treated as allergy or sinus inflammation (see: “Lump in the Throat”).

Reflux disease is a result of regurgitation of the stomach contents into the esophagus, the oral cavity, nose, middle ear, throat, trachea or bronchi. An other mechanism acts via the lower part of the esophagus through certain nerve mechanisms, without direct influence of these contents on the ENT and pulmonary region. Although stomach acid is mentioned most often, gall and pancreas enzymes also havea  very negative influence (so-called non-acid reflux). This type of reflux can be established with the help of pH-metry.

As the mucosa is exposed to the aggressive activity of stomach contents, susceptibility appears to infections, allergies, cough, “hacking” cough, constant clearing of the throat, pain in the throat, feeling of a “lump” in the throat, changes of voice, flow of secretion from the hind parts of the nose, intensified forming of mucus etc. Reflux disease in the ENT region is different from the one in the gastroenterologic region, and requires special diagnosing and treatment.

We especially point out that a patient can have reflux disease in the ENT region but has never suffered from heartburn, flatulence, burping etc. Therefore in this case it is not correct to leave this patient to the gastro-enterologist.