Loss Of Hearing

Loss of hearing can be a result of content in outer or middle ear, or of a disease of the ear and acoustic nerve.

If there is no cerumen in the outer ear, it is necessary to perform a complete ENT examination, including examination of the nasal part of the throat, the so-called epipharynx, and timpanometry.

If the cause of  bad hearing is not on this level, hearing measurement i.e. audiometry or TLA (Tonal Liminar Audiometry) needs to be done.

You should not avoid this complete ENT examination if your practitioner says it is necessary (for instance, you supposed the reason of your problems was ear wax and you do not want a further examination), for it  is in your interest that a possible acute hearing loss is detected and treated promptly, as a successful result of the treatment depends hereon. Depending on the location of the problem, certain therapeutic or further diagnostic procedures are performed.

NOTE: All the above is also necessary in case a hearing aid is prescribed, to avoid that a patient who has for instance some process in the nasal part of the throat (near the Eustachian tube) is prescribed a hearing aid, while mentioned condition is overlooked.