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  • Marianne Vidojevic

    Prim. Mr Sci. Med. Dr Marianne Vidojevic

    — Founder of the MKM Clinic
  • Prim. Mr Sci. Med. Dr Marianne Vidojevic

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    ENT specialist, Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner, Magistrum Scientiae Medicae, Primarius. Founder of the MKM Clinic.

    Mr Sci Dr Marianne Vidojević completed her medical studies at the Medical Faculty of
    the University of Belgrade in 1995, with an overall grade of 9.39 and 10 (ten) at her final examination (at the University 10 is the highest grade).

    In 1997 she started working at the Clinical Hospital Center “Zemun”, where she did her specialistic medical training in otorhinolaryngology, during which she obligatorily worked one year at the Institute for Ear Nose and Throat of the Clinical Center of Serbia. Her ENT specialization she completed in 2001, with grade 5 (the highest) at her final exam. To improve her medical knowledge, she stayed in hospitals in the Netherlands several times.

    Through medical literature she got acquainted with the phenomenon of reflux disease in the ENT region. After procuring a highly sophisticated equipment for diagnosing of this disease, she started to study this problem intensively. In 2003 she graduated at the University of Belgrade with a thesis titled “ THE FREQUENCY OF LARYNGO-PHARYNGEAL REFLUX IN CHRONIC INFLAMMATIONS AND MALIGNANT TUMORS OF THE LARYNX AND PHARYNX” and obtained the title of “Magistrum Scientiae Medicae”.


    Mr Sci Dr Marianne Vidojevic is a member of the European Rhinologic Society, Interamerican Association of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Serbian Active of Otology and Neuro-otology, Serbian Pediatric ENT Society, and she is the first private ENT specialist who became a member of the Presidency of the Serbian ENT Society.

    She is also engaged in other ENT disciplines, for instance pediatric ENT, audio-vestibulology and others.

    In 2004. Prim.Mr Sci.Dr Marianne Vidojevic became a founder of the ENT AND AESTHETIC MEDICINE PRACTICE „MKM“.

    Since 2008. Prim.Mr Sci.Dr Marianne Vidojevic is intensively engaged in aesthetic medicine. She is trained to perform almost all non-surgical aesthetic medicine procedures for beautifying andrejuvenation, including fillers, botox (for aesthetic purposes as well as for sweating of different body parts, like underarms, hands, feet, greasy hair), chemical peels, mesotherapy, lipolysis, microdermoabrasion, mesothreads.etc. She is between the first doctors in Serbia who apply growths factors and cPRP (GF) in Aesthetic Medicine. She performs small surgical cosmetic procedures carried out in collaboration with a plastic surgeon.

MKM team:

To enable up-to-date diagnosing and treatment of our patients, our staff regularly attends domestic as well as European and world congresses, symposia, courses etc., from which they hold numerous certificates.

  • Ljiljana-Stojanovic

    Dr Ljiljana Zdelar Stojanovic

    — General Practitioner, Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner

    She finished her medical studies in 2004 at the Belgrade University.

    She was between the first doctors in Serbia dealing with mesotherapy.
    She completed the famous Russian School of Mesotherapy of the Russian Institute “Martin’ex” (Dr. Olga N. Seljanina) and courses of Prof.Le Coz.

    She performs treatments with botox, fillers, mesotherapy, lipolysis, mesothreads, growth factors, chemical peels etc.

  • Ljiljana

    Dr Ljiljana Banjac

    — ENT specialist

    She completed her medical studies mostly in Zagreb and partly in Banja Luka, in 1989.

    She finished her ENT specialization at the Clinic for Ear, Nose and Throat of the Clinical Center of Serbia in 2000.

    She deals with reflux disease, audio-vestibulology etc.

Other doctors:

  • Dr Radmila Sladoje, ENT specialist

    Prof. Dr Milovan Dimitrijevic, Maxillo-Facial Surgeon

    Dr Vladimir Anicic, Plastic surgeon

    and others