Enlargement Of Tonsils

Tonsil enlargement is important only if it presents an objective problem in the sense of difficult breathing, interruption of breathing during the sleep or eating problems, resulting in poor growth and development of the child.

In most cases this problem is a result of infection,  allergies, reflux disease, wrong food but also of other lymph tissue diseases a.o.

Nowadays the modern way of treating this problem is not to hasten with operation of the tonsils, but first of all conservative, i.e. non-surgical treatment is preferred, meaning treatment of the infection, application of topical corticosteroids during at least 8 to 12 weeks, change of food etc.

Surgical treatment is necessary only for a small number of patients.

One should always have in mind that some lymph tissue diseases may also manifest themselves in the tonsils, in the sense of their enlargement or asymmetry.