MKM practice

The mkm clinic performs almost all diagnostic and non-surgical therapeutic procedures. We offer services of the highest level!

  • Aesthetic

  • ENT

Ent and aesthetic medicine

ENT is  also a surgical specialization, and in it’s educational program it has  head and face surgery. Every  ENT specialist has to know the anatomy of the face and neck, as he performs surgical interventions in this  region,  like for instance lop ear, eyelid, nose  operations  All  aesthetic surgical interventions  in  this region are performed by ENT surgeons and not only by plastic surgeons.

In the frame of our education in the field of ENT, on world congresses we have training in eyelid operations, face lifting, mini face lifting, use of botox  for aesthetic  as well  as  functional  problems  like hemifacial  spasm, blepharospasm,  face correction in cases of  facial nerve paralysis etc.

  • The qualitity of our services is measured by your satisfaction

    MKM offers maximum commitment to each client and patient. We have competitive prices, but we are free to say that our commitment and quality of service are far beyond those of other clinics.

    The MKM team strictly follows the principles of continuous medical education

    We follow world trends and always offer the best quality of service according to the most up-to-date methods.

  • Equipment

    We possess equipment which enables accurate diagnosis and high quality services. We use equipment of the world’s most famous manufacturers and strictly keep to usage terms and take account of the quality of supplies.

    In aesthetic medicine we use original products of high quality, without parabens, artificial colours and preservatives.

    We use ecological products for cleaning and desinfection of our premises.


Many of our patients visit our clinic at the recommendation of other patients or doctors.The percentage of those who come for a check-up is over 90%. The percentage of those who recommended us to others is over 98%. So, most of our clients visit us thanks to recommendation of others. It is very likely that you are reading this now because you have heard about us from somebody.