Pain In The Ear

Pain in the ear may be a result of a process in the ear itself, like inflammation of the outer or middle ear, but also because of changes in the surrounding structures, as in the case of Sy Costen or Sy Eagle, or changes in the throat or larynx (so-called reflex pain).

Therefore it is absolutely necessary, if there are no changes in the ear itself that would explain the ear ache, to perform a complete ENT examination, in order to avoid overlooking of some more serious condition.

A complete ENT  examination includes examination of the ear, nose, nasal part of the throat, oral cavity and oral part of the throat and lower part of the throat and larynx, because the cause of the reflex pain in the ear can lie in all these parts.

This examination often includes examination with a flexible fiberendoscope, by which all these parts can be examined in detail and enlarged. The findings will be documented.